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 ITG Traders provides access to the worlds largest stock exchanges through contracts for difference on indices. Online CFD index trading is a great way to interact and participate in the global markets. Traditionally exchange traded index futures have high barriers of entry and require large capital requirements, however With ITG Traders you can trade indices as low as $1 per index point and with margins at 1%. 

We have sourced a diverse range of liquidity sources for our indices so you know that the prices you are seeing are some of the most competitive in the whole industry. 

ITG Traders is founded by traders and our mission is to provide a seamless trading experience across all of your devices. MT5 offers an outstanding charting package meaning you can make the most informed decisions when entering the financial markets.    

ITG Traders is committed to helping traders succeed. With our online education portal and personal account manager available at your fingertips, you can start trading metals with as little as $100 and a maximum leverage of 1:400

The best platform to trade Indices? 

MetaTrader 5

Discover the benefits of trading on the worlds most popular platform MetaTrader 5. Access and trade the markets across all of your devices to ensure you are in full control at all times. 

Why Trade Indices with ITG Traders?


Get highly competitive leverage of up to 1:400 in all commodities widening your market reach

Low Latency Execution

Get all available markets with tight pricing, no latency and minimal slippage


We've educated thousands of traders over the last 5 years on how to trade and enter the markets safely. We know what you need

Trading Platforms

Access the global financial markets across all of your devices so you're allways in control

What is Index CFD trading?

Stock market indices are a measure of an overall stock market. They represent the value of a group of stocks from a specific country or industry.  The price of an index is used by investors and traders to assess the overall value of the stock market and an increase in the price of an index indicates that the stock market overall is doing well

Stock market indices can be used by traders to speculate on the price movement of a specific index, or they can be used to hedge existing exposure that an investor might have in their separate stock portfolios. An investor may choose to take a short position on a stock market index to offset losses they are faced with in their existing stock portfolio.


It is impossible to keep track of every individual stock on any exchange and so using a stock market index to trade the overall market is a great way to measure and trade the overall performance of any given market

An example of leveaged CFD trading

Suppose you want to trade CFDs on the ASX200 stock market index. For this example, we will look at the AUS200. Lets suppose this instrument is trading at:

Lets say you decide to buy 10 contracts of AUS200 because you think the Australian stock market will rise in value. Your account leverage is 1:100. This means you need  a minimum of 1% of the notional value of the position

So, you need to deposit:

1% x (10 x 6075)
=$607.5 AUD

Lets say in the few hours the price of AUS200 has moved to Bid: 6093.5 and Ask: 6095.5. At this point you have a winning trade and you could close the trade by selling at the price of 6093.5


Your profit would be:

10 x (6093.5 - 6075.0)

We know Indices. Start trading with knowledge

How to trade Indices

Here’s 4 easy steps to learn how to get started in the commodity market. 

Step 1 > Educate Yourself

Learn all about the market. It’s important you have a solid foundation and know what you’re doing before making any investment decisions. Jump over to the ITG Live page to start your trading journey. 

Step 2 > Open your brokerage account

A quick and easy application with ITG Traders means you can start trading in less than an hour.

Step 3 > Deposit Funds

We have quick and easy funding and withdrawal methods which means you can get started trading with minimal hassle. 

Step 4 > Start Trading

Away you go! Start trading the bull and bear markets and profit from any market move with the flexibility that ITG Traders offers its clients.

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