Copy Trading

Automatically copy trades of proven strategies across all of our available instruments.

Copy Trading with ITG Traders

We’ve been in this game for a long time and so we’ve been in contact with some of the most talented traders in the industry. If you’re wanting a more hands off approach to your trading, then take a look at ITG Traders copy trading platform. You choose your strategy, your risk all while maintaining full control of your account. 

The strategies available tailor to different risk profiles and tolerances, but all have proven track records. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, it can be nice to know that you are following a strategy that has a proven record of performance in the market. 

Why Copy Trade with ITG Traders?

Track Record

All strategies available have long proven track records


Your login details are not given to anyone and funds are held in your own account

Risk Management

Set your own risk profile. Stop trading at pre-determined equity levels automatically.

Transparent Fees

All strategies are charged on performance fee basis so you only pay when you make money

So how does it all work?

Lets say you want to copy the following strategy. You’ve already opened your account and registered for the trade copying platform. The next step is the easy bit!

We know copy trading. Start trading with knowledge

Adding the copier

Here is where you can set your risk type and your multiplier. Want to 2 x risk and 2 x return? Simply change the multiplier to ‘2’. Want to go 0.5 x risk and 0.5 x return? Simply configure your multiplier to your desired risk tolerance and away you go. 

Lets say you have $2,000 deposited into your account and you want to follow the desired strategy at 1 x multiplier. Lets say that the master strategy takes a buy trade of 0.63 lots on EURUSD.

The trade on your account:

0.63 x (2,000/5,591.32)
=0.23 lots

Lets say in the few hours the price of EURUSD has moved into profit and the master strategy closes the trade at a profit of $332.10. The trade would be automatically closed on your account too!

Your profit would be:

$332.10 x (0.23/0.63)

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