ECN Pricing

Trading with a provider that utilises an ECN and operates an STP model with no dealing desk intervention results in an execution experience that you can trust

What is ECN Pricing?

An ECN, or electronic communications network, means that ITG Traders clients are receiving pricing directly from the liquidity providers. We understand how frustrating it can be when you get stopped out of a trade by half a pip, and then the market reverses, or when the market misses your take profit by a fraction. 

By taking the cost of your trades out of the spread, and building it into a small commission as an alternative, you can hold on to your trades for that extra half a pip, or extra few seconds or minutes which can often be the difference between a winning trade, and a losing one. 

ITG Traders has outstanding relationships with a number of liquidity providers including many tier 1 investment banks and non-bank FX exchange houses. By feeding these through our powerful aggregation engine, ITG clients enjoy some of the most competitive pricing available on the market today. 

Operating an ECN model means that we can accommodate all trading styles. Whether it be scalping, swing trading, hedging strategies or long term investing, trading with an ECN pricing model gives you the additional edge you need.

Why is our trading model is important?

Deep Liquidity

Having tight pricing is one thing, but if you can’t fill your orders at the price that you’re seeing on the platform, then the good pricing is irrelevant. ITG Traders has found the perfect balance of deep liquidity and tight spreads meaning your execution experience is of the highest quality

No Intervention

We don’t have a dealing desk, which means that all your orders are processed and executed immediately. We feel that this model is the fairest to traders and provides the most transparency in your trading environment.