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The global foreign exchange market is one of the fastest and exciting financial markets. The FX market is by far the most liquid market in the world with trillions of dollars changing hands every day.

One of the ways you pay for trading in the market is through the spread, which is the difference between the bid and the ask of the instrument you’re trading. When the spread is tight, your trading cost reduces. 

Spreads from

Spreads affect your trading

High Spreads

Wide spreads can be the result of low liquidity or high volatility. Exotic pairs that are not as frequently traded will typically have wider spreads

Low Spreads

Low spreads can be an indication of high liquidity in a market or low volatility. Spreads are typically lower in market sessions and outside of econmic news announcements

How spreads work

Currency pair exchange rates are always quoted in two prices, the bid and the ask. The difference between the bid and the ask price is called the ‘spread’. You can only buy at a price someone is willing to sell at (ask) and you can only sell at a price that someone is willing to buy at (bid).  

Bid, ask and spread

For example, lets say the bid/ask price of AUDUSD is 0.7103 /0.7104. Here, AUD is the base currency and USD is the quote currency. In this example, you can buy AUDUSD at 0.7104 and sell at a lower price of 0.7103.   

The difference between these two prices is the spread, and this is essentially the cost of your trade. The spread in this example is 0.7104-0.7103 = 0.0001. 

Lets say you decide to buy 200k AUD/USD because you think the price of AUD will rise vs the USD. 

Your cost of this trade would be:

0.0001 x 200,000 = $20

In another example, lets say you decide to sell 10k AUDUSD because you think the price of AUD will fall vs USD

Your cost of this trade would be:

0.0001 x 10,000 = $1

Why are low spreads so important? 

As a trader, trading with low spreads can be essential to trading a profitable strategy. Many traders have had the experience of having their stop loss hit by half a pip only to have the market reverse and move back in their favor. It is possibly the most frustrating experience a trader can have, and so by trading with tighter spreads, or by building the cost of the trade into the commission, you can often hold onto that trade for another half a pip, which can be the difference between a winning or a losing trade. 

Forex Account Types


  • Spreads: From 1.0 pips
  • Commissions: Zero
  • Minimum Deposit: $100 USD
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:400


  • Spreads: From zero pips
  • Commissions: $7USD round trip
  • Minimum Deposit: $100 USD
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:400

Swap Free

  • Spreads: From 1.5 pips
  • Commissions: Zero
  • Minimum Deposit: $100 USD
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:400

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